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The lies of the Prime Minister

The prime minister's speech about the state of our country was full of untruthful statements. Although the PM is not usually in the habit of using numbers to corroborate his statements, this time he ventured to use them. Statement: The Hungarian economy is doing better.

The truth: According to the European Commission, our economy will fall back by 0.1%. Last year, this number stood at 1.7%.

Statement: Hungary managed to decrease its budget deficit. Also, there will not be any credit for social expenditure.

The truth: Because of the repayment of our credits, the budget deficit indeed decreased by HUF 107 billion. However, this was more than counterbalanced by the weakness of the Forint, which added HUF 275 billion to the budget deficit. In GDP terms, our indebtedness remained pretty much the same, fluctuating between 78-80%. Two weeks ago, Hungary also issued a HUF 2.75 billion's worth of foreign currency.

Statement: During the first administration of Viktor Orbán, the government did not take credits for social expenditure.

The truth: The budget deficit increased during the last phase of Orbán's administration, due to the housing benefits, which could be used by the well-off as well. Large scale donations to enterprises thought to be managed by Orbán's cronies was paid for by the taxpayer, through the disreputable Széchenyi-Plan. There were also a whole range of utterly unnecessary measures, such as transporting the Holy Crown into the Parliament, or the unreasonably expensive fireworks on the 20th of August.

Statement: Today, the average salary is HUF 223 thousand.

The truth: According to official statistics, the average salary in Hungary is HUF 144 thousand, which is three thousand more than in 2011. However, due to the high inflation, the value of the salaries has decreased by 3.6%.

Statement: The salary of the communal and public workers is HUF 73 thousand.

The truth: The salary of the communal and public workers working in full employment is HUF 71,800 thousand, which makes their net income roughly HUF 47 thousand. Many local authorities are having these public and communal workers work for six hours for five months, for which they get roughly HUF 36 thousand per month.

Statement: There are more babies today.

The truth: 2010 hit a 150 year low, as far as new-born children are concerned. This statistic was even worse by 2011, which improved slightly by 2012. However, births and governmental cycles cannot be linked indirectly. What is sure, that the slight improvement is not a consequence of the family tax-break that was introduced in 2011.

Statement: There are 3,500 more policemen and policewoman.

The truth: According to official police statistics, the number of policemen between 2008 and 2010 stood between thirty-two and thirty-three thousand. Last year, this number stood at thirty-four thousand.

Source: Népszava

Last Updated on Friday, 30 August 2013 09:11

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