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This is what they say - Hungary in the international press

Flat Tax Hungary: Born of Tension and Division
Some people are getting excited about paying tax. They’re salivating at the prospect of European Transaction Tax, which, though continuing to face opposition from the UK under both Labour and Conservative governments, is widely seen as a just way of increasing government revenue and enabling social justice.

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Executive summary of the study of the new electoral system in Hungary

It is impossible to win without a modified voter base and new electoral strategies

Our study examines the possibilities of parliamentarian majority gaining in the newly introduced, 199-representative based Hungarian electoral system, from the viewpoint of the parties of the democratic opposition.

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Hungary soccer fans disrupt Israeli anthem with anti-Semitic slurs

Hungarian authorities did not do anything at the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incidents that took place at an August 15 soccer match between the national teams of Israel and Hungary in Budapest.

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The Orbán regime can only end in failure

török  Change in the Orbán regime is only possible in the event of its downfall, so ruling Fidesz either becomes successful with its current set of policies or it goes to the wall in the same way – political scientist Gábor Török told Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet in an interview. Mr Török believes that the party's current generation – amongst whom, he mentioned Árpád Habony, Szilárd Németh, Andy Vajna and Cecília Rogán (!) as examples – will stick to the premier until he can distribute the prey amongst them. However, problems will arise if the regime wavers either during the time of the 2018 or the 2022 elections. But the biggest danger to the Prime Minister is that he might lose his personal charm.
There is no chance for a change that would see the ruling Fidesz party's strategies return to the earlier, values-based way of making politics (in which the concept of 'civic Hungary' was not merely a political product) – Mr Török opined. In his view, change is now only possible in the event of a downfall. "Let us compare András Wermer and Árpád Habony, for example. The former also knew a lot about the techniques of selling washing powder (maybe even more than the latter), but for him, the concept of 'civic Hungary' was not a product. In his case, personal commitment based upon principles was obvious. The same thing cannot be said about Árpád Habony. "According to the logic of Habony, there is no way back; what is more, the present way of making politics is very successful" – the analyst claimed, adding that the ruling "Fidesz either becomes successful like this for years to come or it goes to the wall in the same way".
In Török's opinion, it is possible that some may desert from the party; however, "Viktor Orbán built up a central political power structure from nothing that is completely unprecedented within a democratic political framework", and that "there is no way that either János Lázár or Antal Rogán could get in the way of it". And the regime will stay as it is today, even when Török believes that "it could be harmful for them that the ruling Fidesz party's societal image changed completely." Because whilst during the first Orbán government, the party was represented by politicians who were controversial, but were also respected by many, such as József Szájer, László Kövér or János Áder, by now, it is the names of Árpád Habony, Szilárd Németh, Andy Vajna or Cecília Rogán that are associated with Fidesz, and they convey a totally different image of the party" – Török argued.
In his opinion, the newcomers are indeed motivated by power and the privileges that come with it. "As long as Orbán can provide these to them – i.e., as long as he can win elections and distribute the prey amongst them –, they will back him. However, problems will arise if the regime wavers either during the time of the 2018 or the 2022 elections. But the biggest danger to Orbán is that he might lose his personal charm. It is not a coincidence that recently he has made it clear that he will continue to seek prime ministerial candidacy, and that he does not wish to retire from the top" – the political analyst stated, noting that the Orbán regime can only end in failure.
The analyst opined that at the time of the '98 electoral victory, the leadership of the ruling party did believe in the ideal of the 'civic Hungary', and that it was mainly the lesson learnt from the 2002 electoral defeat that made them change course. It is because of this that nowadays they are making politics in a much more cynical and realist way. "If there is something I would readily change in the political history of modern Hungary, it is the results of the 2002 general elections" – summed it up the analyst, because in his view, the ruling Fidesz party drew very bad conclusions from 2002, and it was also harmful to the then-Socialist Party that it could win with the kind of policies it had used back then.
At the end of the interview, Mr Török spoke about the ruling Fidesz party's loss in popularity. In his opinion, saying that there is no willingness to see a change in government may be true in the sense that it has no political manifestation. However, hostility is growing, that much is obvious. "Compared to 2010, the world has changed a lot, and even those who continue to favour Fidesz increasingly see such issues as problematic. Of course, they say that Fidesz did a lot more good to the country than those that had governed before, but nowadays not even them are uncritical anymore. Opinion polls are not able to show all forms of amortisation." – Gábor Török concluded.

Gábor Török,

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Gyurcsány's road movie in Felcsút achieved a hundred thousand views in a few days

The video produced and uploaded to the internet by former socialist Prime Minister (PM) Ferenc Gyurcsány achieved several hundred thousand views in only a few days time.

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The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

Friday 31 May 2013

My fiftieth birthday!!

I decided to keep it low key; after all, I don't want to be accused of acting like a dictator. In spite of this, one organisation, The "Association of Women and Girls for Viktor Orbán" organised a Mass in my honour at the Inner Pest Catholic Church. Frankly I would have preferred them to come to my office and do a private strip tease show.

I dozed off during the mass, and was startled back into consciousness by an angry man shouting "You have turned my house into a den of thieves!" My initial shock gave way to relief as I realized it was just the reverend father reading from the Gospel of Saint Mark.

The Venice Commission had a rather nasty birthday present for me. They "accidently" posted their draft report on our constitutional amendments and our latest election law, and have concluded that we are sliding away from democratic norms. So that gives ammunition to our enemies in the European Union. We can expect to see lots of new interference coming from Brussels. Still, that will just turn the electorate against the E.U., so that will work in our favour at the election.

Monday 4 June 2013

Tibor was fuming when I arrived at work today.

"That bloody woman!" he shouted.

"Who, your wife?"

"No, Vivian Reding!"

Apparently in an interview with the Austrian Newspaper over the weekend, E.U. Commissioner Reding had again criticised Hungary for treating our constitution as a plaything and said that the E.U. should introduce sanctions against us. Funny how angry Tibor gets whenever Reding says anything. Perhaps he secretly fancies her.

"Well write a letter then, Tibor! Get it out of your system!"

"I will Prime Minister!" he declared, and out he stormed.

Tuesday 5 June 2013

Trianon day!

Today we marked one of the most awful days in Hungarian history. At the treaty of Versailles in 1919, 2/3 of our territory was taken away from us and given to neighbouring countries. A sad day for all Hungarians!

But where there is a problem there is an opportunity! My government has always taken great pains to speak up for the Hungarian minorities living in those Towns and Villages that once belonged within the borders of Hungary. And they appreciate us for that. So now we have given them the right to citizenship, and the right to vote in next year's general election. Chances are, most of them will vote for Fidesz – so that should be around 300,000 extra votes in the bag!

We are expecting big floods over the next few days. The Danube will burst its banks, and these could be the worst floods in 50 years. I didn't want a repeat of the events of March 15th – where we had terrible snow combined with hurricane strength winds that blocked our major roads. We were accused then of incompetence, as we did nothing to warn the motorists (March 15th is a public holiday in Hungary, what do people expect?)

So today I called a meeting of the national catastrophe agency to decide how best to deal with the flood. We had some interesting ideas. One was to extend the public work program so that it is mandatory for all registered unemployed. Then they would be required to from a human chain along the banks of the Danube to stop the floodwaters. It might not work, but it would solve the unemployment problem.

In the end we decided just to put lots of police on the roads near the Danube. They have been told to look busy, and to close off Roads, even if those roads are in no imminent danger of flooding.

FreeHungary; June 5. 2013.

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