Following opposition DK, main opposition Socialists announce partial boycott of parliament

The Socialist Party (MSZP) said it would cut back on its parliamentary activity until next year's general election. MSZP's move follows that of the Democratic Coalition, whose MPs have boycotted

parliament for a year.

Socialist group leader Bertalan Tóth told reporters that his party would not initiate parliamentary debate sessions, turn to the president or the Constitutional Court and would even boycott five-party talks between now and the election.

According to, Tóth said:

•The party will no longer turn to the Constitutional Court, which has been stacked by Fidesz-appointed justices. Tóth said MSZP has submitted 14 cases to the court since 2014 and not a single ruling has been issued in any of them.

•The party will no longer turn to the Office of the Presidency because János Áder "is a servant of Fidesz," condones corruption, and signs into law unacceptable legislation.

•Until the upcoming national election in 2018, MSZP will no longer call for parliamentary debates because Fidesz has allegedly made a mockery of the institution and there is no point to opposition parties arguing among each other.

•The party will no longer take part in five-party discussions on grounds that the government only hosts these for theatrical purposes and any attempts for proposals are meaningless.

•The party will be organizing mock "partial national assemblies" outside of parliament, where they will welcome local NGOs and intellectuals. The first such event will be held in Eger, where they will discuss the situation of pensioners. There will be more similar events before year's end – in Kazincbarcika, Ajka, Szeged, Pécs – to discuss issues ranging from healthcare and employment to municipal development and EU issues.

•The party will submit a proposal in parliament on Thursday to improve the situation of pensioners. This proposal would increase the minimum pension to HUF 50,000 (USD 180) a month, provide an extra pension check per year (commonly referred to as the 13th-month pension check), and would do away with restrictions forbidding retirees who work from receiving pension checks.

•Beyond the aforementioned plans, MSZP's parliamentary group does not plan on availing itself of tools afforded to them as members of parliament.

Beyond its limited parliamentary activity, the party intends to hold partial national assemblies outside parliament to which it will invite representatives of local NGOs and intellectuals, Tóth said. The first of these will be held in Eger, in northern Hungary, on Thursday and will focus on the state of pensioners, he said.

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Last Updated on Friday, 13 October 2017 08:06