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Bolshevik on the dikes

Prime minister Viktor Orbán's leadership of the flood defence effort, which has been heavily covered in all media, characterizes as sheer propaganda. In modern "mass democracies" leaders are expected to show up along river banks in times of floods, but the prime minister should basically follow the events from his office, mobilizing resources, overseeing the emergency plan and coordinating efforts. 'Parading along the dams' does not help the rescue effort, and takes up valuable time from the people involved in bolstering the dikes. What is more: the image Orbán tries to project is that of a leader who single-handedly saves the country by issuing orders directly from the site, a strategy that reminds of a Bolshevik leadership-cult. The Prime Minister can be described with three Latin words: "omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent" and "omnia vincit amor" (love conquers all). The people conquer all.

Sándor Révész, Népszabadság, June 11, 2013.

The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

Thursday 6th June 2013

A Polish journalist, Igor Janke, has written a book about me, called "Come on Hungarians! Orbán through Polish eyes". The book was written in Polish, but today was the launch of the Hungarian version of the book, which I was delighted to attend.

Mr Janke told the book launch that I am "a kind and intelligent man, who is an exceptional political personality!" He is obviously a very perceptive man.

I think that I will call the minister for schools Rózsa Hoffman, and suggest that this excellent work if scholarship is put onto the syllabus for all school children next year.

Friday 7th June

I started the day in Tatabánya, where I opened the new extension to the Bridgestone tyre factory. That will create 500 new jobs! It will only take 1,999 other companies to build similar extensions to their factories, and we will have achieved our goal of increasing jobs by 1 million.

Then I popped into Győr, to oversee the building of barriers to try to stop the rising Danube causing the chaos that we have seen in Germany.

I still keep in touch with the office of course. I was delighted to hear that our talks with the Belarusians on Wednesday and Thursday went well. We are working together on joint tourist products. I think I may ask President Alexander Yukoshenko if he would head the Fidesz strategy team during the election next year, to make sure we get a victory.

Saturday 8th June 2013

Today is a day of which Hungarians should be proud. Thousands of Hungarians working voluntarily to fill sand bags, and build barriers along the Danube to stop the potential floods, as water levels on the Danube are rising to levels never seen before.

There was another Hungarian victory today in Great Britain. A group called "Shadow Dance" won "Britain's got talent competition." But I do not wish to make too much of a big deal about a Hungarian group that found success abroad; that might reinforce the general opinion that there are better opportunities for young Hungarians outside of Hungary.

Sunday 9th June 2013

Today we were expecting the water levels on the Danube to peak in Budapest. I was praying that they would not rise above 9 metres, otherwise the water would run over our sand bags, and flood Római Part, a staunch Fidesz area north west of the city. The potential loss of votes could have been catastrophic.

Fortunately the waters peaked at around 8.30 in the evening, and did not rise above the barriers.

Monday 10th June 2013

Another amendment to the 2013 was published today for Parliament to consider. It's the fourth this year. No one can say that the government does not take budgeting seriously! But seriously, the changes to this were necessary to ensure that Hungary stays out of the E.U.'s excessive deficit procedure.

FreeHungary; June 12. 2013.

Gábor Török: The question is the question

The high number of undecided voters, of whom a majority favour a change in government, leaves all options open. The campaign and the decision to be taken by voters will necessarily boil down to one single question. But what that question will be is not yet certain. It may be whether the electorate should punish the Prime Minister and his party, or whether they judge the leaders of the opposition fit – or not – for the job. The outcome will depend on whether the election is focused on the government, or the alternative. In the first case, the right wing may easily be voted out of office, while in the second, the present opposition may appear too weak to win. The opposing camps seem to be conscious of this, and do their utmost to shift the focus of public debates onto their opponents.

Source: Heti Válasz

The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

Friday 31 May 2013

My fiftieth birthday!!

I decided to keep it low key; after all, I don't want to be accused of acting like a dictator. In spite of this, one organisation, The "Association of Women and Girls for Viktor Orbán" organised a Mass in my honour at the Inner Pest Catholic Church. Frankly I would have preferred them to come to my office and do a private strip tease show.

I dozed off during the mass, and was startled back into consciousness by an angry man shouting "You have turned my house into a den of thieves!" My initial shock gave way to relief as I realized it was just the reverend father reading from the Gospel of Saint Mark.

The Venice Commission had a rather nasty birthday present for me. They "accidently" posted their draft report on our constitutional amendments and our latest election law, and have concluded that we are sliding away from democratic norms. So that gives ammunition to our enemies in the European Union. We can expect to see lots of new interference coming from Brussels. Still, that will just turn the electorate against the E.U., so that will work in our favour at the election.

Monday 4 June 2013

Tibor was fuming when I arrived at work today.

"That bloody woman!" he shouted.

"Who, your wife?"

"No, Vivian Reding!"

Apparently in an interview with the Austrian Newspaper over the weekend, E.U. Commissioner Reding had again criticised Hungary for treating our constitution as a plaything and said that the E.U. should introduce sanctions against us. Funny how angry Tibor gets whenever Reding says anything. Perhaps he secretly fancies her.

"Well write a letter then, Tibor! Get it out of your system!"

"I will Prime Minister!" he declared, and out he stormed.

Tuesday 5 June 2013

Trianon day!

Today we marked one of the most awful days in Hungarian history. At the treaty of Versailles in 1919, 2/3 of our territory was taken away from us and given to neighbouring countries. A sad day for all Hungarians!

But where there is a problem there is an opportunity! My government has always taken great pains to speak up for the Hungarian minorities living in those Towns and Villages that once belonged within the borders of Hungary. And they appreciate us for that. So now we have given them the right to citizenship, and the right to vote in next year's general election. Chances are, most of them will vote for Fidesz – so that should be around 300,000 extra votes in the bag!

We are expecting big floods over the next few days. The Danube will burst its banks, and these could be the worst floods in 50 years. I didn't want a repeat of the events of March 15th – where we had terrible snow combined with hurricane strength winds that blocked our major roads. We were accused then of incompetence, as we did nothing to warn the motorists (March 15th is a public holiday in Hungary, what do people expect?)

So today I called a meeting of the national catastrophe agency to decide how best to deal with the flood. We had some interesting ideas. One was to extend the public work program so that it is mandatory for all registered unemployed. Then they would be required to from a human chain along the banks of the Danube to stop the floodwaters. It might not work, but it would solve the unemployment problem.

In the end we decided just to put lots of police on the roads near the Danube. They have been told to look busy, and to close off Roads, even if those roads are in no imminent danger of flooding.

FreeHungary; June 5. 2013.

The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

Thursday 23 May 2013

We should be released from the E.U.'s "excessive debt procedure" soon, as we have now brought the government budget deficit down to below 3%. There is a small chance however that the commission will make some excuse not to release us, because they hate me (and I hate them to be honest!).

In an attempt to encourage them, we sent them a letter today, explaining that although we believe that we should be released from the procedure, we are still taking actions to reduce the budget deficit further. I mentioned a tax on advertising in the letter.

The tax on advertising is an idea that we had recently that has nothing to do with keeping the bureaucrats happy. It's simply an attempt to close down TV stations that are still independent. The advertising tax does not kick in until advertising revenues reach a certain threshold – which by coincidence happens to be just under the advertising revenues of the foreign owned media.

Still, we need to be a little careful. If RTL Klub pulled out of Hungary, that would be the end of Barátok Közt and X-factor. Hungarian people may not get that angry when we take away freedom of the press, but if we took away Barátok Közt, we would get the guillotine.

Saturday 25 May 2013

A visit to Debrecen today. Always a pleasure to visit a city that is totally faithful to the Fidesz cause. I visited the Calvinist school there. I hope the Catholic Church is not too angry with me!

I'm a bit annoyed to see that Al Jazeera has made a documentary about Hungary entitled "Heading Towards the Abyss," in which they make out that we are a re-birth of the Nazi party of the 1930s. What have I done to upset the Arabs?

Sunday 26 May 2013

Bajnai made a speech today in which he said that if he wins the election, he will re open the land and tobacconist tenders, and he threatened that he would put in prison those who were responsible for corruption during my period in office.

There is a slight flaw in Mr Bajnai's plan. The only person who can prosecute on behalf of the state is the chief prosecutor, Péter Polt, a Fidesz loyalist. Péter has been appointed to his office for a period of ten years. The only way he can be removed is by a Parliamentary majority of 2/3.

Sorry Mr Bajnai, you've got to do better than that!

Wednesday 29 May 2013

I don't quite know how to say this, but today we got some good news from the E.U!

Hungary has been released from the excessive deficit procedure!!

I knew we should be of course, but I thought they would find a reason not to release us.

This is a definite boost to our electoral prospects. We can now say that we are the party of economic prudence. Forget Bokros, its now Fidesz!!

I'm going to have a great fiftieth birthday party on Friday. I already had a large delivery of Cigars from a grateful tobacconist.

FreeHungary; May 29. 2013.

The Secret Dairies of Viktor Orbán

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Hurray! The recession is over. Today the central statistical office announced the GDP figures for the first three months of this year, and GDP is up 0.7% compared to the last quarter of 2012. I was delighted.

One of my advisors urged caution. He told me that 0.7% is not a lot. The last quarter of 2012 was a particularly bad quarter. Two sparrows do not make a spring he told me. What nonsense. The recession is over.

I was in an ebullient mood as I visited the Cistercian Monastery of Zirc. This monastery, which was founded in 1182, has just been renovated at a cost of HUF 600 million. (The E.U. paid for most of it, but we'll keep quiet about that!)

During my speech I could not help boasting about the fact that the recession is over. "2013 will be a year of harvest!" I declared. Well that is certainly true. With an election coming up next year, it could hardly be otherwise.

After my speech, the abbot of the monastery asked if I would be staying for mass. "What's mass?" I asked him. He seemed surprised that I did not know.

Thursday 16 May 2013

Some of the winners of the tobacco franchises came to see me today. They said that they wanted to thank me personally. They were members of the party from some small provincial town. I gave them the reply that I give to all party members who have been granted special privileges (such as those who got the land lease deals):

"Someday, and that day may never come, I may call on you to do a service for me! But until that day, accept this as a gift."

Friday 17 May 2013

I discovered this morning that the Germans have been arguing about Hungary. Peer Steinbruck Germany's opposition leader, who is running against Merkel in the autumn electionsapparently told the Chancellor that she should not rule out expelling Hungary from the E.U. Merkel replied that in her opinion, it was a little too soon to send in the tanks.

How dare she make remarks like that about Hungary?

In my weekly broadcast, I told the listeners that last time the Germans sent the tanks to Hungary, it was not good, and it would not be good now! That should shut that stupid kraut up.

I also warned those who dared to question me about the tobacco franchises. "If we wanted to enforce political considerations in such a tender, there would not be a single left wing winner."

Saturday 18 May 2013

Time to destroy another political opponent. This time Gordon Bajnai. A few years ago, Bajnai's company bought a Goose Farm in the east of Hungary. Shortly after this, it went bust. The local farmers who had supplied the farm also went bust. Probably this was not Bajnai's fault – he just made a bad investment. But why let the truth get in the way of such a great PR opportunity.

Knowing how distrustful Hungarians are of successful businessmen, we spread a story that it was all thanks to Bajnai that the lives of all these innocent farmers had been ruined. We even call him the "Goose Thief" in Fidesz circles.

Today the goose thief was holding a conference for his "Together 2014" movement in Miskolc. So we sent some protestors there, to hold a demonstration outside. We also asked a journalist from MTV to text Bajnai a question asking him about the incident. He refused to answer any questions about this, so we can use that as proof that he is guilty.

These guys, Gyurcsany and Bajnai-just don't get it. Hungarians do not want to live in a country where everything is going well, and the government is fair. If they did, there would be nothing to moan about. We worked this out ages ago – that's why we keep telling the Hungarians that the world hates them, and that Western Europe is our enemy. They love that. Feeling that they are the victim. And they love us for telling them that. And we keep them in poverty while we skim off the country's wealth.

That's why we will win the election in 2014. Guaranteed.

Wednesday 22 May 2013

I was in Brussels today for the EU heads of state meeting. I was a bit worried about what Merkel might say about my comments, so I went over and apologized profusely. "When I was talking about the last time you sent the tanks, I did not means erm," I stuttered.

"Shut up Viktor" she replied, and walked away. So I guess that means that she is cool about it.

Tonight I watched the final of the Hungarian football Cup. I wasn't sure who to support. Debrecen is from the "Half Asian" part of Hungary, so I should really support Győr. But Győr is from the west, and we hate the west now- oh I'm confused. Anyway, congratulations to Győr for winning. Perhaps next year it will be Vidi!

Thursday 23 May 2013

Today I held a meeting with the head of the constitutional court, Peter Paczolay. After the meeting we gave a joint press conference, where I said that the time for debate about the role of the constitutional court is over. (From now on the court will do as I say!) I said that the court must continuously monitor whether Hungary's legislation is in line with the countries international obligations. (If it is, then we must change it so that it is not!).

FreeHungary; May 23. 2013.

The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

Thursday 2 May 2013

I was looking forwards to a bit of good PR today. I held a joint press conference with Budapest City Mayor, Istvan Tarlos, to celebrate the new Mercedes busses that we have bought for the city. I was expecting some good headlines, such as "Vick gives Mercedes ride to the masses!" or some other such corny headline.

Instead, it turns out that I managed to screw that up. After the press conference, Istvan and I travelled on one of the busses, up Andrassy avenue. During the journey we passed the Ballet institute. Istvan told me that it is owned by some foreigners. There is nothing he can do. "I'll change the law!" I told him, "just tell me what you want the law to say and I will write it." What I did not know is that there was a journalist recording this.

So now the papers are full of stories about the Viktator ruling by decree. Of course I rule by decree, everyone knows that parliament is just a rubber stamp these days. But it was a bit embarrassing to be caught so brazenly admitting this.

Friday 3 May 2013

They say tobacco is a hazard to your health. They didn't say that it couldbe a hazard to your chances of winning an election.

We hatched a plan to reward loyal Fidesz supporters, wherby tobacco products can only be sold through authorized retailers. Applicants have to apply to run an authorized tobacco shop, and provided that they can prove that they have done good service to the party, they get the franchise.

Sadly this is going down badly. The electorate are none too impressed that many family businesses, who have been retailing tobacco for ages have not won franchises because they are not party members.

So we had to retreat today, and I told my radio listeners that such commies can still retain their shops!

Sunday 5 May 2013

Today the World Jewish Congress started in Budapest. It gave me the opportunity to display my new "tolerance" credentials, as I gave an address to the conference. I told them that there is no room for prejudice against the Jews, or any other foreigners that live in Hungary.

I was a bit surprised therefore to learn that the Congress leaders were critical of my speech. What did I say wrong?

Friday 10 May 2013

Economics minister Mihaly Varga has had to announce further austerity measures, (although we don't use that word in public – anyone who says the "a" word gets fined!). It's necessary to keep those bean counters in Brussels happy. I would tell them where to stick their "excessive deficit procedures" but if I did, they would extract revenge some other way.

I told Varga to make whatever measures are necessary, but to keep his hands off the funding for my stadium in Felcsut!

FreeHungary; May 15. 2013.

The secret diaries of Viktor Orbán

Friday 19 April 2013

Today my weekly interview with Kossuth radio was aired. Naturally I was asked about the EU and their objections to our new electoral law. As I told the show, there are three objections that the EU has raised. One is the restriction on party advertising. Under the most recent electoral law (the twentieth since we came to power in 2010), political parties may only advertise on state media. Since we control state media, we effectively control all media advertising. The E.U. position is that as far as Hungarian parliamentary elections are concerned, this does not violate E.U. laws as it is beyond the powers of the E.U. But as far as elections for the European parliament are concerned, the E.U. can and will make us change this.

No problem. We are happy to change the law so that it does not apply to E.U. parliamentary elections. Who cares about the E.U. Parliament anyway? But I am happy to say that Hungarian sovereignty wins when it comes to our parliamentary elections, and can assure the people of Hungary that political advertising from the opposition parties will not interrupt their TV viewing.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Today the Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences published the list of persons who are connected with dictatorships of the twentieth century; No streets in our country may be named after anybody who appears on the list.

I was mightily relieved to note that my own name had not been included in the list!!

Friday 26 April 2013

Bad news! It seems that we may face a united opposition at the next election after all. The socialist party and the together 2014 announced today that they would work together at the next election, and field joint candidates in all electoral districts. This is worrying – while Fidesz is still the most popular party, the opposition have narrowed the gap by uniting so are probably only 1 or 2 per cent behind us now. And with 45% of the electorate undecided, anything could happen.

Already one of our spokesmen Máté Kocsis has invented a new phrase, "The Mafia Left." Hopefully that will put the electorate off voting for the opposition, and they can vote for the Orbán Simicska mafia instead.

Useful guy this Máté Kocsis. He cut his political teeth working for the far right Miep party, which sadly is no more!

Monday 29 April 2013

The press and the opposition are up in arms about our latest move to reward the party cadres. We have passed a new law on the sale of tobacco. Under the law, tobacco can only be sold at a limited number of outlets. People wishing to sell tobacco have to apply for one of the licenses. And naturally the licenses are only granted to those applicants with connections to the party.

Our party spokesman Máté Kocsis issued a statement saying that clearly the multinational corporation lobby, the tobacco lobby and the left wing parties are behind the totally unreasonable and hysterical reactions against this small act of cronyism.

FreeHungary; May 1. 2013.

About Gordon Bajnai

I would like Bajnai Gordon to become the next prime minister with Ferenc Gyurcsány as head of communications. He could always explain what Bajnai's governance is about. It does not matter from which position he would do that.

Bajnai stepped on the wrong stage last October as I see it at the moment. (Bajnai re-entered politics again last October. He introduced his political association in front of a mass event organised by Milla and Szolidaritás. Both of them civic based movements.) I have already known Bajnai's views regarding democracy. It is a far cry from Milla's. (What is Milla anyway? They have only two relatively well-known public characters.)

The other main issue is the relationship between Bajnai and Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP). It has been obvious since the beginning that Bajnai has to be on the defensive with MSZP as they try to gain the main role in the opposition. MSZP keeps making a bid for negotiations, which are a bit early for Bajnai at the moment. Otherwise, MSZP has active politicians, which Bajnai's movement is lacking. The people behind Bajnai are not visible at all. Mr Szigetvári is an exception, but he is better known as a campaign leader than as a real politician. This communication suggests that the members would like to remain in the shadows. It is either Bajnai giving reports, or a communique is released by the movement as a reaction to Fidesz's different arrangements.

The organizational development is the other blurry spot. We hardly even know the crucial issues that are going on. It is highly crucial since the position in the negotiations with MSZP is seriously weakened without a countrywide network based on strong local bodies.

Ferenc Gyurcsány is also a main issue. Bajnai's communication is still following an ambiguous policy regarding Gyurcsány, even though, he must have known that he will need to adopt a policy towards all main political players. The source of personal credibility is transparent behaviour and power as well. I would say definite and straightforward answers instead of power. These two will form power, actually. This type of credibility is desperately needed in every political issue, from establishing alliances to transforming the taxation. Definite answers and open communication are a big plus for winning the game. I would like to ask Gordon Bajnai to adopt this strategy. It is not too late at all.

Zsófia Mihancsik,; April 22. 2013.

The secret diaries of Viktor Orbán

Thurdsay 11 April 2013

The war of words with Western Europe continues. Tibor is fighting on our behalf. He has written articles, or made statements to various Western European newspapers in which he ridicules those who criticise our government.

EU commissioner Viviane Reding has been particularly critical of our government since we came to power. Tibor is claiming that Reding, a conservative, is criticising Hungary to gain favour with the liberals and lefties in Brussels, so that next year she can make a bid to take over Barosso's job as president of the commission.

I used to worry about Tibor. He seemed to be far too nice. But I can see he has learned well the Fidesz method of dealing with criticism. Don't argue the facts, you will lose; Keep repeating your arguments even when they have been proved wrong. Lie if necessary. And launch vicious personal attacks on the critic, always accusing them of having some other agenda!

Friday 12 April 2013

I was saddened to hear of the death of Annamaria Szalai, head of the media authority. She will be remembered for her brave fight against Klubrádio, which ultimately failed.

Her death also highlights a weakness in my strategy. Using the 2/3 majority, we have stuffed all the committees that act as checks and balances on the power of the parliament with Fidesz loyalists, and appointed them for nine or ten year terms. So even if we lose the next election, we will still have a huge influence on public life. But what if our loyalists die? Mm. Better start doing health checks on them.

I received an angry letter from Jose Manuel Barroso telling me that he has serious concerns over whether our fourth amendment to the constitution complies with democratic norms. I received an almost identical letter last year. So I got my secretary to photocopy my response to that letter, and sent it again. "Nobody could be more committed to democracy than the Hungarian government, etc. etc. " It worked last year, let's hope it works again.

Saturday 13 April 2013

There are rumours that the European Peoples Party wishes to expel us from their group. That would be a bit of a blow. I'm proud of being the vice president of that group. The EU parliament will also debate Hungary on Wednesday.

I will go to Brussels on Tuesday to address the EPP, but no way am I hanging around for the debate on Wednesday. Thank goodness Margaret Thatcher has died – not just because I am totally opposed to her pro business, pro free market ideals, but also it gives me an excuse to miss the E.U. debate. I will go to her funeral!

Monday 15 April 2013

In Spain today, attending a "Catholics in public life" conference. I'm not actually a catholic, but so what, it goes down well with the voters.

I also used a press conference to defend the government, and attack the E.U. parliament. They are criticising us you see, so we have to attack them. So talking about the European Parliament, I said, "Facts are not important, accusations are met with shouting and ideological fits. They shout with swelling veins on their neck."

I've destroyed all my opponents in Hungary by rubbishing them – time to destroy my enemies abroad.

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Today was the meeting with the European Peoples Party where they are deciding whether to kick Fidesz out. I had a few chats with various leaders before the meeting. I told them that Hungarians are very Eurosceptic, and in spite of my best efforts to persuade them of the benefits of EU membership, any additional criticism of our country from the EU would tip us over the edge.

They seemed to buy this, so for now we are in the club.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

I attended Margaret Thatcher's funeral today. I must say, the Brits do know how to put on a good show. Lots of soldiers in their uniforms; everything timed impeccably.

What I couldn't understand was that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were there. They were on the opposite side to Margaret Thatcher. I can't imagine me attending Gyurcsány's funeral. They are so hypocritical.

FreeHungary; April 17. 2013.

Gréczy-blog: A week in Orbanistan

greczyLet's take a look at the latest developments in the country that is the last dictatorship of the European Union. A man was brutally killed by two policemen and, to add insult to injury, the deceased was reported to the police as well. Needless to say, no one will take the responsibility for this heinous crime, no heads will be rolling. It looks as if the shady dealings with Azerbaijan have paid off, since there will be direct flights from Budapest to Baku. As far as Orbán is concerned, the extradition of the Azeri murderer is a win-win situation. Also, organizations pretending to be defending civil liberties are crying over the fact that a bunch of neo-Nazi thugs will not have the opportunity (the liberty) to protest against the March of Life, which is commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. The slogan under which these "peaceful protesters" wanted to demonstrate is called: "Give Gas!" In other news: Mr Navracsics was verbally attacking Viviane Reding, only to be put back into his place by Mr Barroso. But to no avail: The constitution will be amended for a record fifth time. Fidesz came close to being expelled from the European People's Party, for its continual disregard for the European values. Júlia Király,who was the vice president of the Hungarian National Bank, resigned. She probably knows that the currency reserve of the bank will have the same fate as the private pension funds. On a lighter note: former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány suffered for the umpteenth time the indignity of having himself shot into the Danube, Mr Lázár doesn't like comments which are not respectful to him, so he reported the case to the police. The machinery of intimidation is dashing forward relentlessly. There seems to be nothing new under the sun.

To Stay in Hungary, or to Stay Alive: That is the Question

Brilliant Hungarian musician Péter Gerendás has announced in a goodbye letter recently that he will leave Hungary soon. He will leave our country, his homeland, his home, he will leave Hungary soon. And he will leave us as well.

His reason for doing so is that he sees, he feels and experiences that the sign to leave has appeared on the wall.

The fact that he was born here in Hungary is not enough anymore. That he was brought up here, that his children live here, and that if sometimes he comes across a bush, he knows both its flower and its name – is not enough of an incentive for staying here anymore.

The fact his mother tongue is Hungarian is not enough to stay here anymore. The fact that he dreams in Hungarian and that it's Hungarian poets' lines that most often come to his mind is not enough for staying here anymore.

All of these could be sufficient forces to convince him that he should rather stay in Hungary, but they aren't so anymore.

We will be one less once again – the nation will lack a highly talented musician and a fantastic friend. We will be one less with a brilliant guitarist, who never had disputes with anyone and who never wished anything wrong to anyone. (Unlike some people who caused harm to him.)

"Oh, how many people have already left this country, and not the carpetbaggers, /how many ran away out into the world, / and not the wicked."

These lines were sung by another notable Hungarian musician, the late Tamás Cseh well more than thirty years ago. Of course, the circumstances were different back then, but the essence is always the same. Still, quite a lot of people live here who know by historical experience and not only from songs that dictatorships always begin the same way.

Gerendás is now leaving Hungary following so many unnamed – who are numerous and have been living in different countries across the world for a long time now. Gerendás is leaving after those many that left Hungary for other countries in the pursuit of a happy and truly rewarding life.

They did not look for a new homeland, however, because there's only one homeland.

We the rest are staying here yet – because it's familiar being here, and also because of our own opportunism. Or as some say it jokingly: because of our sense for adventure.

Péter Gerendás loves his homeland, but it seems that the homeland does not love him enough.

Me, I am staying here yet.

With all due respect,

X. Y.


The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

Thursday 4 April 2013

Today the new governor of the Hungarian Central bank made an important announcement. We (oops, I mean the governor of the Central Bank, a body that remains independent of the government) have decided to use HUF 500 billion of the central banks reserves to lend to small and medium sized enterprises.

The bank held a special meeting of the monetary council this morning to vote on the proposal. The members of the council were given 40 minutes to read a 30-page report before voting on it. Most of the members of the council are Fidesz appointees, and agreed that it was not necessary to read the report before voting. One member of the council, Júlia Király abstained claiming that she was not given sufficient time to read the report. But she is not a party member!

The clown has done a really good job since he took over at the Central Bank, getting rid of those who are not party members, and making appointments from within the ranks. I'm particularly pleased with the appointment of 32 year old Adam Balog to the position of deputy governor of the bank. He may not know much about banking, but he is a great party loyalist.

The Hungarian Central Bank remains truly independent of the government.

Saturday 6th April 2013

We are under attack on all fronts. The European Commission, in particular Viviane Reding the European Commissioner in charge of justice, who today attacked our judicial system and our new constitution in an interview with the commie newspaper Népszava. The European Parliament, whose committee on Civil Liberties will discuss our latest constitutional amendment on Monday. Even our allies, the European Peoples Party are joining in. The UN are criticising our treatment of the homeless; the Americans, the Helsinki Commission, the list goes on and on.

So we are going on a charm offensive. Key party cadres will write to our critics and tell them the truth. They don't understand Hungary. We are different. Their criticism is not based on fact. It's a communist conspiracy hatched by Gyurcsány to discredit our government. We are really nice reasonable people, honestly.

Monday 7 April 2013

Today we passed our election law (well another amendment to it!). We've scrapped voter registration for all domestic residents. Foreign residents will still have to register. We've also put limits on political advertising. Political parties may only advertise on State Run (i.e. Fidesz run) television and radio channels, and they are not allowed to criticize the government on any such adverts – otherwise they will be found guilty under the fourth amendment of defaming the nation!

Fidesz will continue to advertise itself, disguising its party political adverts as "Government Information." Not only do we get more publicity, the taxpayer pays for it.

On another note, I have decided to change my tactic regarding anti Semitism. Previously, in an attempt to win supporters away from Jobbik I have always remained silent, letting people like Tibor criticise any anti Semitic comments. But it seems this tactic is not working. Apparently most Jobbik voters think I am a gypsy, and would never vote for me. So I've decided to speak out against anti Semitism at last. Who knows, there may be a few votes in it.

On April 21, which is holocaust memorial day, there is a "March of the living". Some fascist motorcycle group called "more gas" had decided to have a march on the same day, clearly to cause trouble. So today I told Sandor Pinter that the motorcycle group march must be banned, as must any other march that threatens the "March of the living!"

And who knows, I may even get some credit from our foreign critics!

Freehungary; April 10. 2013.

The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

Friday 29th March 2013

Today we celebrated the twenty fifth birthday of the founding of our great and noble party. (The actual birthday is tomorrow, but we heard that there is going to be a demonstration outside of the party headquarters tomorrow, so we celebrated today).

I started Fidesz (the young democrats) because the liberal party at the time would not allow offer me any position, so I started my own liberal party. Things have changed a lot since then. We are not as young as we were, of course. We changed from being liberal to being conservative when we saw a gap in the market in 1993, when the Hungarian conservative party (the MDF) was losing popularity. But the best thing is, that liberal party died in the 2010 elections! Revenge is sweet.

It's amazing how powerful we founders of Fidesz have become. Lajos Simicska is a successful businessman, admittedly helped by the fact that we pass a huge number of public projects his way; Zsolt Bayer is a writer whose name is known across Europe for his hate speech; and of course myself as Prime Minister, and Laci Kövér, speaker of the parliament. I wonder how we would have felt back then, if we could have seen how we are today.

Fidesz does not really have any strong ideological or political beliefs. Ask us "what are your opinions on this?" we will reply, "What do you want them to be?" We've discovered that the secret of power is to pander to the desires of the masses. They want lower power prices- we give them lower power prices. They want lower taxes, we give them lower taxes. They want us to punish multi nationals, we punish multi nationals. Who cares about the long-term effects?

The birthday party itself was a low-key affair. It was nice to meet some of the old gang again. I had a good chat with Zsolt Bayer. I apologised for the fact that deputy prime minister, Tibor Navracsics, had to condemn his hate speech publicly, but he understands well enough that the government of an EU country sometimes has to say things in public that it does not necessarily believe.

Saturday 30th March 2013

As expected, a demonstration outside of Fidesz headquarters. They managed to attract almost 1,000 supporters. We left a banner outside the office wishing them a Happy Easter! How polite of us. Naturally the police have photographs of all the attendees and we will be arresting them over the next few weeks.

Sunday 31st March 2013

We've already started our election campaign. Today and tomorrow a whole load of posters will be plastered across the billboards of the country trumpeting our successes. "Pensions up!" "EU Money Up!" "3,500 more policemen". The best news is that we are treating this as a government information campaign, so the taxpayer pays for it! Marvellous.

Monday 1 April

Today the new constitution was published. So "April Fool" to all those voters who thought that a vote for Fidesz was a vote for a prosperous and free country. The revolution at the ballot box was a return to dictatorship! And the constitution, which gives us absolute power, is now law.

Tuesday 2 April

Great news. An opinion poll puts Fidesz support up at 27%. Even if MszP, Bajnai and DK could present a united front, between them they would get only 24%. Our moves to cut utility prices are clearly bearing fruit. The election is almost in the bag!

FreeHungary; April 4. 2013.

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