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Gyurcsány and the refugees

greczy  He does what is not done by any other politician. He accommodates refugees in his home. He gives clothes that his children have outgrown to them, and cooks food for them - at 10.00 p.m. They take children to the doctor. Bed linen must be changed, dishes must be washed, everyone takes a bath, for which soap and towels are needed. Then, to get up early in the morning, to drive them to the railway station or a government office so that they can leave the country or receive their documents at last.
Most of them do not speak any language other than their own. There are people who have only the clothes that they have been wearing - for two weeks... One of the kids who arrived yesterday is four months old, but his mother breast-feeds him. She could have slept at the Keleti (Eastern) Railway Station but instead she was able to sleep in a bed.
I do not care who criticizes. I don't care who does not like it. I don't care how many people rattle that, in their opinion, this politician just shows himself, "he plays the buffoon". It is not interesting what they say. If he does not help, why does he not help, since he has ample money? If he helps, why does he just help these people? And why are photos made?
Well, photos are made for the purpose that as many people as possible know: there are such people as well. And there is the other group where Orbán's inhumane "Christian" government hurts people fleeing from war who are already at the border. Photos are also necessary to see if you have eyes for it: Orbán and Gyurcsány are not only not the same but they are as different as chalk and cheese.
The other accusation is that "he comes on strong; less would be more". Now, when Lady Diana or Audrey Hepburn helped, photos were made of them and of abject, bony black people, it was not "coming on strong". Then we look at the photos with tears in our eyes stating, what a splendid gesture it actually was. But in case a Hungarian politician does the same, and what is more, the one whom we do not like, then we are shocked and we mock him.
Another person showing hysterics mentions the referendum of 2004 referring to the fact that he (Gyurcsány) failed to give double citizenship to Hungarian "refugees". It is not interesting for such persons that nobody fled at that time. Romania was a member of the European Union and Orbán acted without a backbone even at that time. In 2001 the first Orbán government made it clear in an official communication: he did not want to give dual citizenship. But in 2004 they lied already: there would not be any voting right, only citizenship.
We should really adjust ourselves to when and what Orbán actually said? We would feel giddy from the many turns...
Earlier he declared that we should accommodate several tens of thousands of refugees so that we have an adequate workforce in Hungary. When he thought so, Fidesz fans agreed with it and now, when Orbán is of the opinion that refugees should pack off, they agree with that. This is the only thing that they are able to do. This would be the guide to follow?
I suggest to other people as well that they should also accommodate refugees. Socialist, LMP, Fidesz, Liberal and Együtt politicians. Believe me, it is worth it. And there shall be a lot of photos of that. The experience of love, gratitude and mutual recognition remains forever. And it is even much better and healthier to live in this way than to loathe someone whom you do not really know, who only turned up here fleeing from war. Then, before you would come to hate them properly, they leave the country, they do not jeopardize your job, your medical care or your culture.
In the summer of 1989, the Németh government accepted and gave accommodation to more than thirty thousand East-German refugees. Today Orbán threatens 3 or 4 thousand people and frightens his home-land with so many people. Another similarity is that the refugees did not want to stay here in 1989 and they do not want to do that today either.
Orbán competes with the Jobbik party. Vona and his party showed at the railway station too that they would be apt to do anything wrong if they come into power. Orbán dreads that his voters drift to Jobbik. He does not realize that the more he asserts the extreme right, xenophobe line, the better he will lose to his former crony from the Civil Circles. Tapolca sent a message; only this rascal does not hear it in the din of battle generated by himself.
A human being should do what he feels to be the best. Both politicians and civil persons. Every respect to those who devote their time and money to helping these unblessed people. They know what Fidesz and Jobbik people will never know: it is a different feeling to go to bed malignantly at the end of a day than with the knowledge that we have helped others.
Posterity will preserve on golden sheets the names of those who gave something to others - and of those who dismantled walls and fencing. Pope Francis does and says what is needed. The Bishop of Vienna opens churches but the Bishop of Esztergom does not do anything. Orbán, Vona, Semjén and the others will throw crosses on themselves, will march in processions, just their soul remains dirty. And if there is a God who sees that, I would not be in their place.; Zsolt Gréczy



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