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1301 MEP Tabajdi: Catalan independence establishes precedent Written by FreeHungary 471
1302 Hungarian economy remains in recession Written by FreeHungary 471
1303 The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán Written by FreeHungary 471
1304 Szonda Ipsos Popularity Survey of Parties Written by FreeHungary 470
1305 LMP still refuses to participate in the constitution drafting process Written by FreeHungary 470
1306 Life was better under Gyurcsány (- COMMENTS -) Written by FreeHungary 470
1307 Are judges in danger? Written by FreeHungary 470
1308 Alleged draft constitution by the Socialists Written by FreeHungary 470
1309 Clinton concerned about democratic freedoms in Hungary Written by FreeHungary 470
1310 Hungarian state to take over county governments, along with HUF 180 bn debt Written by FreeHungary 470
1311 Civil rights protest draws tens of thousands Written by FreeHungary 470
1312 Former PM Gyurcsány, PM’s spokesman Szijjártó clash over draft budget Written by FreeHungary 470
1313 Hungarian press about the downgrade to junk Written by FreeHungary 470
1314 From start to finish: Hamilton dominates and wins the Hungarian Grand Prix Written by FreeHungary 470
1315 IMF deal would provide Hungary only temporary respite former PM Bajnai says Written by FreeHungary 470
1316 The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán aged 49½ Written by FreeHungary 470
1317 Private Pension Wealth Is Stolen, Too Written by FreeHungary 469
1318 Tolgyessy believes that an Orwellian world is being built in Hungary Written by FreeHungary 469
1319 The Hungarian Parliament passed the budget for 2011 Written by FreeHungary 469
1320 „Have your voice heard” against the unfair tax system Written by FreeHungary 469
1321 Dezső Garas, Ágnes Heller and Kati Kovács received MSZP’s public figures’s award Written by FreeHungary 469
1322 Law enforcement workers protested again Written by FreeHungary 469
1323 Democratic Coalition to appeal to international organizations, Brussels if speaker rejects new group Written by FreeHungary 469
1324 Hungary must not give up economic independence, says Fidesz deputy head Written by FreeHungary 469
1325 Hungary government begins talks with IMF and EU Written by FreeHungary 469
1326 Hungarian News from the EP Written by FreeHungary 469
1327 Anti-Semitic attacker of Budapest Jewish leader sentenced to prison Written by FreeHungary 469
1328 Gordon Bajnai's experimental laboratory Written by FreeHungary 469
1329 Making children and Jeszenszky Written by FreeHungary 469
1330 Leftish TV channel most widely watched on National Holiday Written by FreeHungary 469
1331 Former president warns about open issues in draft constitution Written by FreeHungary 468
1332 Parliament exonerates 2006 rioters Written by FreeHungary 468
1333 This is what they say – Hungary int he international press Written by FreeHungary 468
1334 The police did not act appropriately, but fails to admit it Written by FreeHungary 468
1335 European Commission called on Hungary to amend its special retail and telecommunication taxes Written by FreeHungary 468
1336 Gyurcsány’s platform became a national party body Written by FreeHungary 467
1337 The ice was broken but there is no programmatic change Written by FreeHungary 467
1338 Replacement of judges would speed up Hungarian jurisdiction Written by FreeHungary 467
1339 Former president warns about open issues in draft constitution Written by FreeHungary 466
1340 Comments (7.) Written by FreeHungary 466
1341 Hungary: HUF 100 bn drug bomb soon to explode Written by FreeHungary 466
1342 Hungarian parliament passes controversial law to oversee media Written by FreeHungary 466
1343 EU warns Hungary over budget Written by FreeHungary 466
1344 Orbán to restart talks with EU Written by FreeHungary 466
1345 Excerpt from the interview With Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Written by FreeHungary 466
1346 Pollster registers Democratic Coalition at the threshold necessary to make it to Parliament Written by FreeHungary 466
1347 Media law still violates OSCE commitments Written by FreeHungary 465
1348 Neelie Kroes-Blog: My latest thoughts on Hungary and media pluralism and freedom Written by FreeHungary 465
1349 Media law still dangerous after amendment Written by FreeHungary 464
1350 Foreign Concerns about Hungarian Media Law Written by FreeHungary 464
1351 Szonda Ipsos Popularity Survey of Parties Written by FreeHungary 464
1352 Fidesz MP threatens far-right mayoral candidate with funding block - recording Written by FreeHungary 464
1353 Sukoró-Charge Collapsed Written by FreeHungary 463
1354 Hungarian Government Treads the Rule of Law – Law-Defenders Say Written by FreeHungary 463
1355 Orbán alone and anointed - comment Written by FreeHungary 463
1356 National Bank of Hungary raises key rate to 5.75pc Written by FreeHungary 461
1357 Would the Fidesz MP have shot in the crowd? Written by FreeHungary 461
1358 It is official: Hungary seeks 15-20 billion euro IMF/EU credit line Written by FreeHungary 459
1359 Poll shows Democratic Coalition nearing treshold, quarter of Hungarian voters would stay away from ballot on account of registration Written by FreeHungary 459
1360 Democratic Coalition to organise a live chain around Parliament on Monday November 19. against the introduction of pre-registration Written by FreeHungary 459
1361 Budget deficit hits 81.4% of 2011 target in February Written by FreeHungary 458
1362 This is what they say – Hungary in the international press Written by FreeHungary 457
1363 Hungary's government may sell a 21.2 percent stake in energy group MOL if market financing conditions deteriorate Written by FreeHungary 453
1364 The MSZP launched a noisy campaign against the unfair tax system Written by FreeHungary 450
1365 Fidesz popularity down 10% since autumn Written by FreeHungary 450
1366 Green ombudsman criticized the ruling parties' draft constitution Written by FreeHungary 438
1367 Unpopular tax changes Written by FreeHungary 437
1368 Orbán: government, banks, clients to share Non Performing Mortgage Loan costs Written by FreeHungary 425

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Written on 06/10/2016, 19:58 by admin
guest-post-the-day-after-the-referendumThe much anticipated referendum about the resettlement of migrants in Hungary was declared invalid, however, those who voted overwhelmingly rejected the...
Written on 23/06/2016, 06:31 by admin
disintegration-or-something-else-gyurcsany-s-solutions-to-the-ills-of-western-democracies  Something has gone wrong. Quietly, but ever more noticeably, more and more people in more and more places are in revolt. In the American...
Written on 06/04/2016, 19:20 by admin
how-germany-and-its-leftist-liberal-supporters-killed-solidaritySolidarity. This is the word that is probably is the most used and misused term in European politics. Its original meaning is supposed to mean to show...
Written on 23/03/2016, 20:30 by admin
the-orban-regime-can-only-end-in-failure  Change in the Orbán regime is only possible in the event of its downfall, so ruling Fidesz either becomes successful with its current set of...
Written on 23/03/2016, 20:20 by admin
anger-or-resignation  No matter how hard Mr Orbán is trying to get rid of his old cronies, he just cannot get rid of himself. He is too old for his system. The...
Written on 14/01/2016, 20:51 by admin
europe-s-new-yearThe European continent had a very difficult year in 2015, but that may be dwarfed by 2016. The most heated issue will be, without a doubt, the migration...
Written on 09/12/2015, 14:16 by admin
the-secret-diaries-of-viktor-orban-nov-dec-2015November 14th 2015I awoke to the shocking news about the Paris attacks last night. Words cannot express my feelings of shock.It turns out that one of the...
Written on 12/11/2015, 14:31 by admin
spies-in-the-newsroom   According to a new scheme, the government might place spies in the newsrooms, to have a better view of what is being written. This all...
Written on 29/10/2015, 20:02 by admin
greczy-s-blog-many-for-hungary  Some may want to do so, but DK will not write off its plans to win 2018 elections and to have a desperately needed co-operation with other...
Written on 10/09/2015, 18:07 by admin
ferenc-gyurcsany-and-the-refugees  He does what is not done by any other politician. He accommodates refugees in his home. He gives clothes that his children have outgrown to them,...
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