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What to do in case of state default?

There is plenty of criticism these days against the opposition media for allegedly scaring people with the nightmare scenario of state default. In our „filling the gaps” essay we would like to address the unfounded fears against state default, and we provide some practical advice on how to weather, or even to bear, a possible state default scenario.
Our first and most important advice is that, in case of state default, you should not panic. In case of sudden state default breathe deeply and try to relax as anxiety creates even more harm, and this may be the cause of developing psychosomatic illness in the future. A cold pack on the forehead or on the scruff can come handy. In case of a more severe state default loosen your clothing, lie down on the ground, put your feet up and stick your tongue out as that may block the airways in case you would lose your consciousness.
Unnecessary precipitation would just make things worse. By waking up to state default we should still start our day according to the usual routine. The rich breakfast consumed in calm surroundings with plentiful liquid intake is still healthy, even at state default times. Not even a state default would warrant nervous and hasty feeding. Plenty of research stated the fact that any food not properly chewed can overwhelm the digestive system, and can cause hard-to-cure chronic illnesses in the gut and intestines. Perhaps the fact that this is the last time we eat a rich breakfast may calm our nerves. It is not even a thought of the devil that we shall align our long overdue diet to the times of state default.
In case of state default in winter times, dress in number of layers. One would miss nothing more than a cold when the state defaults. By expecting riots on the streets we should only leave our home in the most pressing circumstances, and if this rule is followed, then there won’t be any troubles. We would tend to run to the nearest branch of our friendly bank to withdraw our little savings being worried that, because of a potential bank run, the banks would actually close. It is nonsense!
Soon we get there only to realize that the banks are not closed, on the contrary, they are wide open and one can go in and out of the bank through the windows only if one is not disturbed by the crackling noise of glass chips under one’s feet. It is probably also useful to bring a stick with us to the bank and maybe with that trying to find our savings. A careful head of family cannot get into a position like this at times of state default anyway, and Hungarians need not be worried about. A piece of data from this week is that the stock of cash (cash-in-hand) held by the public jumped significantly, and experts drew the conclusion from this fact that people don’t even trust Austrian banks; instead they keep their cash under the pillow, just to be sure. Our suggestion is not to keep foreign currency under our pillow as it may cause insomnia and in the longer turn bedsore may develop.
It may be very tempting, but we should not join shop looters. We might be able to secure our long desired flat-screen television set at the price of some small bruises and bumps, but that set without any electricity and broadcast would only take up space in our home. And space is what we will need in times of state default. Potato grown in pots can take up quite big spaces. The corn planted in the gaps of the parquet floor is rather slow first, and it is difficult to navigate around, but as we burn more and more of our parquet floor to generate heat, more and more space will become available for agricultural production. The urban public, for sure, will sort out agricultural production at times of state default, but there may be some difficulties when it comes to meat. For this reason we should not let our dog or cat wander off, as we might not see them coming back.
Of all this we can see that with mindful attention to details we can reduce the effects of a state default to our everyday life to a minimum.
László Karcagi;Vasárnapi Hírek;January 22. 2012.

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