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Bajnai should not postpone the decision for a long time on whether he returns to politics or not – said Péter Oszkó, former finance minister in a recent interview with Népszabadság.
Or, he rather should.
The main reason the former prime minister’s decision is urgent is that „bajnaism” is in the focus of public discussions. However this discussion can be in the focus because the opposition parties cannot increase their popularity despite the significant increase of the uncertain voters and the erosion of the support for the ruling Fidesz. This is the reason why Bajnai’s work and life gets such an importance as a progressive savior in light of his good governance performance.
Prime minister Viktor Orbán has been in power for two years as of now: at that time Péter Medgyessy (prime minister between 2002-2004) has not yet eroded his name. And we should not have any doubt about how devastating the attacks from Fidesz will be in by using the well konwn character assassination tactic if the former prime appears on the political stage.
And don’t forget, there isn’t even a public feeling of government changing which God leads to victory the politician who has already proven his talent in crisis management. And not least, the Socialists have not shown any sign up till now that they want Bajani as the leader of their election list if he gets on the stage. The obstacle of the cooperation of the opposition parties is not the fact that they don’t find a common political minimum either.
It is understandable if there are politicians who are not happy with this kind of distance keeping. They have been in the political front line for years in with an adversary who doesn’t know about tolerance and mercy. They can very well think that they are needed only to pull the chestnuts out of the fire for somebody else.
However these are the very essence of politics. The rationality of this is that it does not oblige Bajnai to make a decision. In the best case as he knows himself  the Hungarian left does not need Gordon Bajnai, but a man/woman who is trustworthy, is not lying during the campaign and comes up with a progressive program in the political competition which he can win.
If he knows that, he can even be that man.
Source: Népszabadság

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