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The Secret Diaries of Orban Viktor - March 2018.

Simicska is blowing the lid on our money laundromat!

orbn karikatra

15 March 2018

Today is an important day in Hungary when we commemorate those brave Hungarians who tried to overthrow the Austrian rule in 1848. With three weeks until the election, my speech to the masses of Poles (we couldn't fine enough Hungarians) gathered in front of Parliament was a chance to remind Hungarians watching at home why they should vote for me.
Obviously I couldn't really talk about our record of governance – with the health service failing, and school performance being the worst in decades there is not much to boast about. Fortunately, we are still the most popular party, so provided we don't discuss real issues, we should win this election easily.
In my speech I therefore tried to frighten Hungarians about what will happen if they don't vote for us. Immigrants will come to Hungary and destroy our way of life (fortunately our followers forget that traditionally Hungary has always welcomed people from other countries). And of course Soros. It's important that we have a bogey man who we can blame for all our ills, and who else than the man who gave me my first chance in life, when he gave me a scholarship to Oxford University. I bet he regrets that now ha-ha ha-ha.

19 March 2018

My friend Vlad won the Russian election. I called him tonight to congratulate him. "Thanks Viktor", he said "but it was not hard. Just put the opposition leaders in prison, and stuff the ballot boxes!" He then asked if I was still doing well on "commissions" and laughed. Then he mentioned the forthcoming EU summit. "I am sure you will represent Russia's interests" he said in a rather threatening way. "We still have plenty of nerve agent". I put down the phone in a cold sweat.


23 March 2018

Oh my God, what have I done? At the EU summit today, Teresa May was ranting on about Putin using nerve agent in Great Britain and asking us the EU to act in unity (rather ironic when the UK is about to leave) to punish Putin. So I said rather ironically "Hungary will withdraw our ambassador to Russia". Sadly, my irony was lost in translation, and all the other EU heads of state started cheering and clapping me on the back. Now the news reports are claiming that I was one of the strongest proponents of action against Russia. I am dead.
At the end of the evening a waiter brought served drinks. He looked Russian to me. When he handed me my drink, he smiled in a rather evil way. Needless to say I didn't drink it.

26 March 2018

I keep having nightmares about Putin, turning up in his martial arts uniform asking me if I'd fancy a round of karate. So I'd totally forgotten about our election in Hungary, which seems a foregone conclusion. But then my phone started ringing. First Matolcsy, then Polt. "Have you read Magyar Nemzet?" they shouted. "Of course not. I don't read Hungarian newspapers. They are all full of lies".
"Well this is different. Simicska is blowing the lid on our money laundromat".
This took a few minutes to sink in. When it did, I exploded. "F******* w*****" I cried so loudly that some tourists who were walking round the parliament building looked up towards my window with concerned expressions.
My secretary brought me a drink to try to calm me down, but I can't drink anything now unless I pour it myself, as I can't be sure it doesn't contain nerve agent or polonium.
It's all going horribly wrong...

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