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LMP did not want to meet with us, they just could not say no to it, Gyurcsany says

The only positive outcome of the meeting was that the parties present assured each other of their refusal to contemplate a coalition with Fidesz in the event of an electoral defeat of the government forces.

Were you drunk? - asked the reporter from Ferenc Gyurcsány in a talk show in relation to the cooperation talks held on Sunday evening. "No" - answered the chairman of the Democratic Coalition (DK).

A former LMP MP, Gábor Vágó, who recently reemerged as LMP's candidate in Kecskemét and was also present at the Sunday meeting, made some obscure allegations to reporters of after the meeting about their hosts being drunk "both physically and figuratively." Gyurcsány said that he has already seen many unfairness and human vileness in politica, and this one is among them. The former PM believes that LMP seeks to hide their politics with this statement. He added: he does not have a driver and he came with his family by car from their country home to the meeting.
Gyurcsány said that since he was the inviting party, he had prepared 5-6 discussion points. "I was saying my first sentence and they interrupted my words. It was all along like this" - said the chairman of DK. In fact, LMP head Bernadett Széll and hear team did not want to meet with them, they just could not say no, speculated Mr. Gyurcsány. "They just wanted the meeting to be very confrontational, but we did not allow it to be and everybody kept their cool" - he said. Mr. Gyurcsány added: Hundreds of thousands of voters are angrily demanding change and the opposition must act accordingly.
On Monday, DK spokesman Zsolt Gréczy issued a statement according to which Gyurcsány and DK executive vice-president Csaba Molnár would sue Vágó for defamation, claiming he was clearly referring to the party chairmen. Later that day, Gyurcsány held a press conference where he accused LMP of endangering a possible change of government by failing to coordinate with other left-wing parties in the Budapest electoral districts. Gyurcsány also accused LMP of arriving to the Sunday meeting "without a concrete proposal and leaving without making one."
"I would like to apologize if I hurt him and let bygones be bygones" - said Vágó in a talk show on Monday evening. He mainly apologized because he thinks this is the only way to go on with the cooperation. He added: he apologizes to the LMP community because they are for the future, and his comment was rather about the past.
Vago stated that he was angered by Gyurcsany at the talks, when the former PM made it clear that he does not want a cooperation with far-right Jobbik.
A few facts about Gábor Vágó, who was one of the founders of LMP but who, in 2013, when the party split, decided to continue his parliamentary work as an independent. The following year he gave up politics altogether and even left the party. At that point he decided that his real calling was to be an investigative journalist, and he worked in that capacity for Átlátszó between 2014 and 2017. A couple of months ago we learned that Vágó will be the LMP candidate in electoral district #1 of Bács-Kiskun County. Given the data available on this district, I'm afraid Vágó will have to look for another job. He will not win the district, and he has the 67th slot on LMP's party list.

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