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Orbán is desperately trying to secure a White House invitation

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has told his US-based diplomats that he wants an invitation to the White House. Let's face it, the Hungarian strongman is a bit insecure.

Orbán has ruled Hungary with an iron fist since 2010 yet he couldn't secure a photo op with a sitting US president in the Oval Office. The Hungarian Prime Minister thinks that an invitation would solidify the legitimacy of his policies and increase his personal credibility among fellow politicians who tend to shy away from him.

The previous Hungarian Ambassador to Washington, Ms. Réka Szemerkényi, worked vigorously on this project, yet she was unable to secure an invitation despite the fact that Orbán was the first EU Prime Minister to endorse Trump.

Now we have a new Hungarian Ambassador in Washington. Mr. László Szabó is telling the Hungarian public that Trump respects and appreciates his boss and the invitation is coming soon.

Breitbart published an article claiming that when President Trump received Hungary's new Ambassador for the customary and brief introductory meeting, Trump described the Hungarian Prime Minister as "a strong and brave person." Trump also said he was aware that the Hungarian Prime Minister supported him during the U.S. presidential campaign and assured Szabó that Orbán is on the White House's guest list. Right now he has no time; the President has to solve the "small issue" of the crisis with regards to North Korea. (Read here.)

Ambassador Szabó published his "conversation" with Trump in the Hungarian pro-government newspaper Figyelő. As it turns out, Trump met 12 ambassadors on that day, 10 minutes each. Szabó was the second which according to Szabó was a "sign of respect towards Hungary." Of course I wouldn't be surprised if President Trump had characterized the other 11 country's leaders as "strong and brave." Planted stories like this one actually tend to backfire; Trump hates when his personal conversations are leaked to the media, especially when they are incorrect and out of context.

No official confirmation yet from the White House that Mr. Orbán is on any guest list in the foreseeable future. It seems that Ambassador Szabó committed a diplomatic faux pas.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 15:28

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