Gyurcsány: Everybody can calm down, I won’t be the prime minister in 2018

Ferenc Gyurcsány anticipates a two-thirds victory for the left-wing opposition. In his opinion, this requires that on the list of the individual candidates only one single opposition candidate should be nominated against Fidesz. He is of the opinion that DK (Democratic Coalition) will cause a surprise at the election.

"I won't be the prime minister in 2018, I reassure everyone who might be in a cold sweat due to that", Ferenc Gyurcsány said to Zsuzsa Demcsák on the program Egyenes Beszéd (Straight Speech) on TV channel ATV on Monday evening. On the other hand, the opposition party's chairman thinks that he was a much better prime minister than Viktor Orban, and what is more, he would lead the country now better than previously.

At the same time he admitted that, for the time being, he has no realistic chance of becoming the prime minister in 2008. "I am not supported by 2 million persons. I am not a politician without talent but I was wounded deeply in 2006; some people accuse me of being a lying pig. These wounds still need to be healed", he said.

According to Ferenc Gyurcsány, DK will cause a surprise at the election and it will get into the Parliament with a ratio of thirteen to fifteen percent. The chairman of the opposition party said in the TV program Egyenes Beszéd that nobody in the opposition can join forces with the Momentum party. This is because they follow a rather closed policy, however, in his opinion, an agreement will be reached with MSZP (Hungarian Socialist Party) somehow, sooner or later.

"I have no fear. Look, I came from nothing with this party, nobody would have given a plugged nickel for us and by now, this party has several hundred thousand voters. In this matter, we have much to lose jointly, but now, if I put this aside for a moment, MSZP is the one that has much to lose. MSZP has been unable to collaborate with anybody in the last eight months, he explained.

In his opinion, no single opposition party is in the position to defeat Fidesz alone. On the other hand, DK is the only party that does not raise any precondition for cooperation. "There are issues on which we do not agree with the Momentum or Együtt (Together) parties but everybody agrees on the basic issue that we want to create a civil Hungary", he stated.

He also spoke about the documents, allegedly suitable to debunk Orbán. He said, things got stalled because he wanted to take with him the documents to have them authenticated. He confirmed his earlier statement that they had already agreed upon the price (roughly 1 million euro) and added: this document would even be worth more than that for him.

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 September 2017 22:48