Polt became indignant at DK’s reaction to the Sukoró case

The General Prosecutor's Office called unprecedented the DK politician's statement threatening the judges and prosecutors for their equitable and legitimate activities. This manifestation seriously violates the rule of law, attacks the fundaments of legal certainty, the General Prosecutor's Office writes.

Last Thursday, after the legally binding decision made in the Sukoró case, László Varju, vice chairman of the Democratic Coalition (DK) said that should his party get to power, they would send to prison the prosecutors and judges who proceeded in the criminal suit on the land exchange of 2008 in Sukoró, as well as the prosecutor general and the chairman of the National Office for the Judiciary (OBH).
Commenting the legally binding decision, the opposition politician spoke about a show trial, furthermore, he promised to release and fully indemnify the former executive officers of Magyar Nemzeti Vagyonkezelő Zrt. (Hungarian Asset Management Inc. – MNV) who were condemned to actual imprisonment, if there is a change of the government.
László Varju said: Fidesz "created" the Sukoró case in order to imprison Ferenc Gyurcsány (former prime minister and currently the chairman of DK), the "main political opponent" of Viktor Orbán, ruling prime minister, where the biggest sin of Miklós Tátrai and Zsolt Császy was that they refused to make a "false testimony" against the chairman of DK.
"Today, the administration of justice is not independent", he stated, adding that Péter Polt, prosecutor general, Tünde Handó, president of the OBH, the pro-Fidesz prosecutors proceeding in the case, the judge and the Office making the decision on Thursday "will only remain free as long as the prime minister is called Viktor Orbán".
On Saturday, the opposition party repeated the following in a communiqué: "the prosecution of Péter Polt adherent to Fidesz sentenced two guiltless persons to actual imprisonment in the Sukoró case, in a show trial.
On Monday, Zsolt Gréczy, spokesman of the party also spoke about a trial show in the program 180 perc (180 minutes) on Kossuth Radio and urged an investigation, adding that, when a judge commits a crime during the proceedings, he should be sentenced to imprisonment.
In the case of the land exchange of 2008 in Sukoró, the Curia condemned Miklós Tátray and Zsolt Császy, former executive officers of MNV Zrt. to three and two and half years imprisonment, respectively, with legally binding effect, for the attempt of misappropriation.

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 June 2017 19:08