Do they blackmail Orbán by banking papers? Gyurcsány continued the story

I am waiting for the check-in of the mediators - said Ferenc Gyurcsány in an interview referring to the documents, what Russia uses to cover Viktor Orbán.

The chairman of the Democratic Coalition outlined that after the first Orbán-administration, a person of high rank, who is trustworthy informed Gyurcsány about the existence of the documents, on the other hand he still does not know who is the owner of these documents. Gyurcsány said that he saw these documents, although he is still in doubt whether the source of these documents is certified or they used these documents to sell him down the river.
Gyurcsány said that he met twice with the mediator. During the first time, they made inquiries whether he is interested in these documents or not, this happened in private between 3 people. As Ferenc Gyurcsány has a contact person, and the mediator saw this contact person at the beginning, who set up a meeting with the Chairman of the DK. After Gyurcsány said "yes" for the documents, 2 weeks later the mediator arrived with the documents, and he showed these documents to the former prime minister.
Gyurcsány said that he still does not know who is the owner of these documents. "Probably it is a Russian person, but I can only infer this from the fact that we spoke in English and he had a strong Slavic accent. At the beginning, I thought that he is obviously Russian but than others said that he could be also Slovakian. I have no idea"-said the Chairman of the DK.
The reason why I spoke about this case publicly is the self-defense. The fact that he cannot prove his statements is better for him than the fact that somebody else will also find out these documents and then they will blame him that he knew everything about this case but he did not say it so he is the accessory of Orbán.
"Until I bring any documents, all my statements – regarding the type of the documents I saw, – would help Viktor Orbán to prepare for a possible procedure in the future. He added that the chairmanship of the DK knows all the details.

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 May 2017 19:02