Gyurcsány: There will be cooperation and Fidesz will be defeated

In the election of next year, the democratic opposition parties will cooperate and Fidesz will have only one single democratic opponent in every constituency, "by hook or by crook", Ferenc Gyurcsány, chairman of DK (Democratic Coalition party) said at this year's May Day of the party.

In his opinion, Viktor Orbán is wrong if he thinks that the debates among the opposition parties make it impossible to turn against him with joint forces; in a year there will be a new, democratic government in Hungary.
Referring to the interim election on 23 April in Zugló, he said: the voting has shown that, in case they collaborate with each other, they will win, "not a little but considerably". Even though no nationwide conclusions can be drawn from the outcome in Zugló, but, in his opinion, Fidesz achieved worse results at every local election compared to three or four years ago. He proposed to the prime minister, he should not believe to the public polls, because he may end up like he did in 2002.
Currently, the biggest problem is the poverty of the workers, Gyurcsány continued, because the government is able to set the minimum wage in an amount that remains below the official level of minimum subsistence.
In the DK chairman's opinion, the current power had stolen the children's right to knowledge, he had taken away the schools from municipalities. The power wants to make "Christian, conservative, right-wing re-education camps" from the schools rather than have educated people in Hungary who are able to ask questions. Referring to the prime minister's speech delivered at the reburial of Imre Nagy and his fellow martyrs in 1989, Gyurcsány stated: "you assemble the intellectual, cultural coffin of the youth of future; you are not the man of freedom but the man of intellectual, cultural dullness, the man of death".

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 May 2017 18:59