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Gyurcsány: If needed, I’ll prove at court that the Russians are blackmailing Orbán

The former prime minister formulated tough statements in ATV's "Egyenes Beszéd" (Straight Talk) programme, but he did not want to disclose specific information. He said he had seen documents.

Ferenc Gyurcsány was invited to the Straight Talk programme of ATV, this Friday evening. Even by his own standards, the chairman of DK said some unusually tough things about prime minister Viktor Orbán. Presenter Egon Rónai recalled that in recent days, at a forum held in Békéscsaba, Gyurcsány said that "the reason why the present prime minister who used to be anti-Russian became the paramount protector of president Putin is that the Russian president holds evidence against Viktor Orbán, by which the head of government may be blackmailed".
"What do you know about this?", the presenter asked.
The chairman of DK stated that he would not disclose everything that he knows and then he added with a smile:
"I have knowledge of information I don't intend to share with you and the viewers right now."
Ferenc Gyurcsány went on to say that he was not of the opinion that Viktor Orbán suddenly turned from being anti-Russian to pro-Russian because he became mentally disturbed.
"You are right, I know something: the prime minister has been confronted with certain facts and documents which are so embarrassing for him that he would consider at least five times before he would accept Putin's demands", he said.
According to the DK chairman's statement, Russians have confronted Orbán with these documents.
"Have you seen those documents?", Rónai asked and after some brief consideration, the answer of Gyurcsány was: "I've seen something, yes".
After that, Ferenc Gyurcsány confirmed: if he became sued for his assertions, in a judicial process he would be able to prove that he was right.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 April 2017 19:14

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