No intention to become PM, says Klára Dobrev 

Klára Dobrev, CEO of Altus Zrt., and wife of former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány will not be a PM candidate – she said in an interview with the liberal weekly Magyar Narancs.

This is because through her husband, she can see the life of a politician from pretty close, she explained, and even if many people think they could manage a country, in her view, this task is far more complicated than that. "It requires a vocation you can find only in very few people." Anyone sitting in an armchair who thinks, that he could also shoot that goal to Real Madrid, that he could also deliver that speech, he could also lead a party to victory from scratch, is deeply wrong. For politicians who take their profession seriously, this is a task that requires full engagement", the wife of the former prime minister explained, adding that anyway, with her son who is one and half years old, and due to her expanding advisory firm, she would not be able to deal with politics as a full-time job.
The wife of Mr. Gyurcsány did not want to answer the question of whom she considers to be an ideal candidate for prime minister on the democratic side. In the opinion of Dobrev, the key issue is that parties should be able to cooperate for Orbán's dismissal. She added that, in her opinion, unity did not work in 2014 because there was no real collaboration at that time.
As to the possibility of cooperation with Jobbik, she said that for her, Vona's party continues to represent Árpád stripes and neofascist costumes . In her view, arrival of this far-right party to power could be even worse than the present autocracy of Fidesz, because even today, the country has a far-right government and "in this sense, Jobbik would not bring any change".

Dobrev also denied the news according to which DK had ordered an alleged poll where one of the questions was about support to her candidacy. She claimed she had not seen that public research and she thinks nobody heard about this research except Magyar Idők (a progovernment daily newspaper) where this issue was discussed. That research might not exist at all, but if anybody comes across it, she'd want to be informed about that.

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 November 2016 14:12