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Gyurcsany on Trump's victory: "No need to panic"

Hungary's opposition parties commented on Donald Trump winning the United States presidential election. Ferenc Gyurcsány, head of the Democratic Coalition, congratulated Trump in a Facebook post and reassured those unhappy with the outcome that there was "no need to panic" over Trump's election.

"Congratulations to Donald Trump, the new president of the United States. He was the one who captured the imagination of the majority of Americans. There's no reason to panic. The United States is still a country of freedom and democracy, and it is in the interest of the world that it remains so. I don't think that the troubled relations between Obama and Orbán substantially weakened the Hungarian government or strengthened its opposition. And the opposite state of affairs will not happen under Trump. Orbán must be beaten at home. We can't expect assistance from Washington. What we can learn from the U.S. elections is that one can overcome the lack of media and funding. Moreover, pollsters are not infallible. From tomorrow on, we will focus on the tasks ahead and the replacement of the Orbán government."
The Socialist Party said that the decision of the American people must be respected. Socialist chair Gyula Molnár said he trusted that Trump, "leaving the mud-slinging campaign behind" would be an ally to "a Europe committed to equality, progress, and justice". Molnar added that Trump's selection of his secretary of state would be "an important message for Europe".
The head of far-right Jobbik voiced hope that relations between Hungary and the US would improve and wished Trump "responsible and wise" decisions in office. "We, Hungarians, observe other peoples' right to shape their own fate and expect a similar attitude from everyone," Gábor Vona said.
The Dialogue Party described Trump's victory as America's version of Brexit, arguing that even Trump's supporters would come out badly from his presidency. Bence Tordai, the party's spokesman, said both Brexit and Trump's election were the result of anger and dissatisfaction with the elite. Trump represents "the upper one percent", he said, adding that his presidency would be bad for women, ethnic minorities, the poor, the middle class and anyone "who favours facts and reality".
The small LMP party said that it expected the government to establish effective cooperation with US presidents of all political stripes. Bernadett Szél, the party's co-leader, said in a statement that it was important the Hungarian cabinet should form cooperation with a view to enforcing the country's interests independently of which party nominated the president. "LMP respects the decision of the American people and congratulates Donald Trump on his success in the election," the party's statement said.
Minister Overseeing the Office of the Prime Minister János Lázár congratulated Trump on behalf of the Hungarian government at Thursday's weekly government press conference, saying that the military and economic relationship between Hungary and the United States was excellent, but that he and the government trust a new political partnership will emerge from a Trump presidency. Lázár said the Hungarian government has had problems not with the American people but with the Democratic party, which had lectured the Orbán government because it considers national interests to be of primary importance, and because of its hostility to immigration. Lázár said he is confident these conflicts will now be over.
"We see the new president and his government as a new beginning, and the world can be hopeful in the new presidency from the perspective of economic stability and peace," Lázár said. "Then we will see what happens. We shouldn't underestimate, nor should we have unrealistic expectations, but here we have the chance to rebuild relationships."

Last Updated on Friday, 11 November 2016 07:54

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