Hundreds commemorated the Roma murders

Last week, hundreds of civilians commemorated the victims of serial killings against Roma citizens.

The memorial march took place in Budapest and was framed by speeches. It departed from Nehru park, which is the monument of Roma Holocaust victims. (A group of criminals attacked Roma homes and killed their residents in different villages of Central and Eastern Hungary in 2008 and 2009. All six victims died because of their origin.) The speakers highlighted the importance of joint action against radical rightist groups as the extent of hate speech is as high as it was couple of years ago. The atmosphere did not get better in this aspect so they asked the government's help.

Linda Lakatos, a participant, commented on the event to the ATV reporter. She explained many people had really vivid memories of Tatárszentgyörgy tragedy. (Tatárszentgyörgy is a village, where one of the killings took place on 23rd February 2009. The attackers set a house alight and shot dead the family escaping from the flames.)

'The participants gathered not just to commemorate, but to call attention to the vital importance of paying respect to each other' - according to Csaba Oláh, a Roma civil rights movement leader in Heves county.

The ministry of Human Resources released a communiqué for the anniversary. The deceased of Tatárszentgyörgy, Nagycsécs and Olaszliszka are the victims of the same hatred and all of them deserve dignity and justice. (There were people killed in all three villages because of their origin. The killers were Romas in Olaszliszka, while the victim was not Roma.) The participants of the memorial march disagreed with this statement.


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