Former PM Gyurcsány: the opposition needs a new strategy

"If it continues like this, the next prime minister will be neither Gordon Bajnai nor Attila Mesterházy but Viktor Orbán" – Ferenc Gyurcsány, chairman of Democratic Coalition (DK) said in his annual State of the Nation Address on Tuesday. Mr. Gyurcsány said that a new strategy has to be set because the democratic opposition forces are not yet ready for a victorious election campaign. In his ninth State of the Nation Address the chairman of DK urged the electoral alliance of the opposition forces.

Gyurcsány said opposition groups should stage joint public demonstrations on the upcoming March 15 national holiday, adding that a formal electoral pact should be in place by the fall. (Both the Together 2014 electoral movement and main opposition party Socialists agree on a joint commemoration forces on March 15.)

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Former PM Gordon Bajnai held his State of the Nation Address on February 9, prime minister Viktor Orbán is going to hold his on February 22.

Source: Freehungary

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